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Shopping Tips with Dorco Promo Codes

The Dorco website has shaving tips page for women and men that teaches you how you should save better and they also go a step further and give you recommendations on the shaving products that are best for you.

They also have a compare razors page that will help you make a wise decision if you have trouble on the shaving product you want to get. They also have a referral program for those in USA where you get 5% of the person you refer purchase and your friend will also get 20% discount off on their initial purchase.

The good news is that their razor systems are interchangeable which means that if you have their razor system you can easily shift to another one. To save more money always look for the best Dorco coupon codes for instance the 50% off. All you have to do is to enter the coupon codes at the checkout and you'll start to experience savings.

For those who live in Canada and US will get their shipping via USPS. For orders above a certain cost in the US get free shipping of their orders while those who make a certain order above a specific amount within Canada also experience the same privileges. The orders arrive within five to eight business days in the United States and within fifteen for those in Canada.


You will also find other shipping methods to choose at the checkout process. However, they may have additional fees. Dorco however, don't ship internationally. If you buy items that don't have defects at the final sale, you are not eligible for a return. However, you can return the razors with manufacturing defects you can return for an exchange or replacement.

However, you need to make sure that the item is complete, unused, and in the original package. You can also only replace or exchange the products via store credit if you make sure you email them within the fourteen days.